What We Believe

What We Believe

We are a community of faith centered in the grace of God freely and unconditionally given to us in Christ Jesus. Such love is made known to us in many ways – in Christ’s death and resurrection, in the Spirit who comforts and accompanies us, in creation, in our relationships, in our vocations, in our prayers and God’s promises, in our love of neighbor near and far as we encounter Christ’s peace and God’s justice. As those beloved of God, our faith is rooted not in fear and guilt, but in joy. This means that whatever we’re experiencing in life, we can rest in the steadfast love of God that comes to us new every day: and we want to share that good news with open hearts, open hands, and open doors.

We believe God’s story – and our story – are lived out when we gather around the Lord’s Table or in the Fellowship Hall for a time of lively conversation and delicious treats (and fair-trade coffee) after 9:00 worship on Sunday morning or around the supper table for a bowl of soup during Lent or around the LSS Safe House table on a Monday evening. God’s story – and our story – are lived out when we work side by side at the Paintathon or when we go our separate ways to the work of our daily lives. God’s story – and our story – are lived out when we study scripture together or when we send our youth on a mission trip or invite the neighbors to bring their pets for a blessing.

We believe God’s story of love and grace, freedom and promise, hope and blessing is lived out in our Christian community – and we invite you to be a part of this story, too!

Mission Statement:

Rooted in our heritage, and embracing the future, we joyfully live the gospel with open hearts, open hands and open doors.


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