Volunteer Schedule

 St. Peder’s Volunteer Schedule

Thank you for volunteering your time and talent at St. Peder’s! Please try to arrange your own trades, and notify the church.  If you are pressed for time or have questions or concerns, contact the church office at 612-722-8000 or office@stpeders.netPlease note instructions for communion volunteers can be found at the bottom of this page. A pdf version of the October, November and December schedule can be found here: Oct, Nov, Dec 2018


November 2018 Volunteer Schedule


November 18, 2018 Worship: Congregational Budget Meeting

Greeters:   Craig and Marcia Rocheleau

Ushers:   Butch Vossen and Shawna Nelsen

Acolyte: Alec Peterson

Reader:  Charlie Anderson

Nursery:  Eric Hunsberger and Steve Austin

Counters:  Bob Stanich and Paul Aitchison

LSS Safe House Dinner for November 19: Craig and Marcia Rocheleau & Dwight and Kari Bullard

Social Hour hosted by Shepherding Group 6


November 25, 2018

Greeters:   William and Judy Anderson

Ushers:   Peter Juhl and Curt Petersen

Acolyte: Max Sandstrom

Reader:  Sue Schnickel

Nursery:  Dan Vetsch and Chris Anderson

Counters:  Terri Vetsch and Sue Schnickel

LSS Safe House Dinner for November 26: Bruce Simpson and Lisa Rovick & Marilyn Gisselquist

Social Hour hosted by Shepherding Group 7


December 2018 Volunteer Schedule

December 2, 2018 Worship with Holy Communion Intinction

Gift Sunday and Advent Intergenerational Event

Greeters:   Nancy and Stephanie Hawkinson

Ushers:   Cameron Jamison and Dale Montgomery

Acolyte: Siri Vossen

Reader:  JeriLynn Young

Communion Set Up & Clean Up:  Wendy Legge, Sue Schnickel

Communion Assistants (Intinction):   Dwight Lundeby, Paul Aitchison, Karin Buchen

Nursery:  Shawna Nelsen and Eva Tangen

Counters:  Steve Austin and Paul Odegaard

LSS Safe House Dinner for December 3: Sonja Walker & Joe and Annalise Munnich

Social Hour hosted by Shepherding Group 8


December 9, 2018 Sunday School Christmas Program

Greeters:   Chris and Mindy Anderson

Ushers:   Jim Nelson and Julie Ebbesen 

Acolyte: Andrew Hawks

Reader:  Marcia Rocheleau

Nursery:  Alice Bekke and Eric Hunsberger

Counters:  Marcia Rocheleau and Darrick Jensen

LSS Safe House Dinner for December 10: Glen and Martha Olsen & Paul and Michelle Aitchison

Social Hour hosted by Shepherding Group 1


December 16, 2018 Song Service

9 am Worship followed by singing around the tree – 10:15

Greeters:   Ron and Kathy Moir

Ushers:   Curt Peterson and Mark Jenson

Acolyte: Malcolm Munnich

Reader:  Wendy Legge

Nursery:  Ruth Thomsen and Nicky Taylor

Counters: Jackie West and Eva Tangen  

LSS Safe House Dinner for October 17: Gerda Lyon and Tim and Elizabeth Anderson

Social Hour hosted by the Council


December 23, 2018 Worship

Greeters:   Kerry and Jill Audette

Ushers:   Susan Schnickel and Paul Aitchison

Acolyte: Max Sandstrom

Reader:  Joe Munnich

Nursery:  Karen Vetsch and Bethene Hunsberger

Counters:  Cameron Jamison and Bruce Simpson

LSS Safe House Dinner for December 24: Office

Social Hour hosted by Shepherding Group 2


December 24, 2018  Candlelight Worship & Festival Service: 2 pm

Greeters:   John and Nanette Geroux

Ushers:   Cameron Jamison and Dan Vetsch

Acolyte: Alec Peterson

Reader:    Judy Hogan


December 24, 2018 Candlelight Worship & Festival Service: 3:15 Danish Service 

Greeters:   Lisa Jensen and Butch Vossen

Ushers:  Paul Jensen and Al Nielsen

Acolyte: Max Vossen

Reader:  Lis Jorgensen


December 24, 2018 Worship  Candlelight Worship & Festival Service: 5 pm 

Greeters:   Dick and Rita Juhl

Ushers:   Jim Austin and Steve Austin         

Acolyte: Alice Petersen

Reader:    Martha Olsen


December 30, 2018

Greeters:   Michael and Alison O’Day

Ushers:   Lisa Jensen and Peter Paulson

Acolyte: Max Vossen

Reader:  Nick Legeros

Nursery:  Julie Ebbesen and Curt Petersen

Counters: Annalise Munnich and John Skraba   

LSS Safe House Dinner for December 31: Volunteer Needed



Communion Set Up/Clean Up Full Table Instructions

Intinction Instructions

Communion Assistant Instructions